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ASI Board and Staff

ASI Board of Trustees

Members of the ASI Board of Trustees serve three-year terms and can be elected to two consecutive terms of office. Candidates for the Board are nominated by ASI members, and trustees are elected to the board at ASI's annual membership meeting every June.

Members of the Board (2016-2017)

  • Dean Erickson, Chair
  • Helen Bergren, Vice Chair
  • Carline Bengtsson, Secretary
  • Russ Michaletz, Treasurer
  • Dr. Philip Anderson
  • Rev. Rodney Anderson
  • Karl Benson
  • Martin Bertilsson
  • Dr. David Carlson
  • Terri Carlson
  • Jennifer Dalquist
  • Brad Engdahl
  • Barbara Linell Glaser, Ed.D
  • Diane Hofstede
  • Joe Hognander
  • Laurie L. Holmquist
  • Laurie Jacobi
  • Herbert (Ted) Johnson
  • Beth Lundquist Jones
  • Alexander Källebo
  • Lena Norrman
  • Veronika Torarp

ASI Staff

(Selected Listing)

Administration & Accounting

Communications & Marketing

Development & Membership

Exhibitions, Collections & Programs

Human Resources

Museum Store

Facility Management

Event Rentals and Slate & Stone Catering