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Intro. to Scandinavian Wooden Figure Carving with Bill Jaeger

Sketches of Cedar Riverside - Reception with Artist Mohamud Mumin

Free Little Library Book Donation Request!

ASI - Closed Labor Day, September 4

Nobel News, Nosh and Networking

Nordic Craft Workshop Watercolor Basics: Familiar Faces and Places

På Gång: Fall Term Begins

Scandinavian Wooden Figure Carving

Nordic Table - Tasting and Talk, Savory Sweet

Wednesday Wonderings - Afternoons at ASI: Mohamud Mumin

Kids at the Castle - Sounds in the City

Nordic Craft Workshop – 2 Plates, 2 Ways

September Book Discussion: Caught in the Lye

ASI's Nine Week Language Courses Begin September 18

Cocktails and Canapés – Curator-Led Tours of "Still Life: Karin Broos"

Languages of Sweden, Past and Present

Språkstugan - A Drop-In Gathering Place for Swedish Speakers

Nordic Table Workshop Swedish Cheesecake

≈ [almost equal to] - ASI Night at Pillsbury House + Theatre

Get on the Bus - Tour Swede Hollow

Finn Fest - Final Celebration and Family Day

Finlandia Forever Concerts 4pm

Finlandia Forever Concerts 7pm

2017 Lucia Choir Registration

Nordic Craft Workshop – Spoon Carving presented by Women’s Woodshop

Youth Slöjd Handcraft Class: Painted Dala Horses

Women Directors in Swedish Film - Four Session Series

Nordic Craft Workshop – Intro to Linoleum Block Printing

Printmaking 101 with Fiona Avocado!

Meet the Author: The Devil’s Wedding Ring by Vidar Sundstøl

Wednesday Wonderings - Afternoons at ASI: Jonas Helgertz

Blue Eyed Blondes: Home – Where is it?

Nordic Table Workshop Swedish Soup and Rye

Watercolor Basics: Favorite Objects From the ASI Collection

Fables, Folklore and Superstition

Duo Gelland - Walking Concert

Swedish Genealogy Workshop

Mini Transmission: Movin’ and Grovin’ + Kids at the Castle

World Premiere Film: Through the Iron Curtain - From Romania

Cocktails and Canapés – Curator-Led Tours of Still Life: Karin Broos

Adult Slöjd Workshop: Timber frame Construction

Youth Slöjd Handcraft Class: Painted Dala Horses

Get on the Bus - All Saints Day: Tour Lakewood Cemetery

Save the date- Lucia Concert Ticket Sale Begins!

November Book Discussion: Nordic Theory of Everything

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