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Adult Slöjd Workshop: Timber frame Construction

Friday, October 27, 2017 - 9:30am to 4:30pm

Adult Slöjd Workshop: Timber frame Construction

October 27 - October 29, 9:30am-4:30pm

Join us in building a custom timber frame structure for ASI’s campus! This three day course is an introduction to the skills and techniques used in these traditional Scandinavian timber frames. On day one students will have the opportunity to layout and shape components. Day two will include shaping and pre-assembly. Day three will focus on frame raising.

Wooden buildings in Scandinavia have a long history beginning in approx 1000 BC. Post and beam structures were the primary form of construction until the Viking era when horizontal log construction became dominant. But in areas lacking good coniferous trees for log building, such as the Norwegian coastline and the oak and beech forest areas of southern Sweden, post construction techniques continued in use.

Over time, the timber framing styles developed regional differences. Two interesting styles are the grindbygg of southwestern Norway and the skiftesverk of southern Sweden.  Both of these are characterized by economical use of material, similar lapping and notched joints, and often, the use of naturally curved timber. Differing from grindbygg, skiftesverk makes use of rabbeted posts to house horizontal wooden cladding. The focus of this course is a project in the skiftesverk tradition and will provide students the opportunity to develop new skills on a historically inspired frame.

On the evening of day two there will be a public presentation on grindbygg framing that includes historical information as well as demonstrations. Students are encouraged to attend.


Tools will be provided but please bring any framing chisels, squares, and tape measures that you may have


Mike Loeffler is a green wood worker based in Minneapolis. Green wood refers to the material, which is fresh/ wet, often in whole log form, and has certain characteristics that make it suitable for particular hand crafts. Inspired by his last name (an occupational name given to spoon carvers), Mike began his explorations in woodworking with spoons. He has studied with, and alongside carvers from all over the globe and believes in promoting the use and appreciation of everyday wooden objects made with local materials. Mike has also taught classes at number of regional institutions including North House Folk School, Milan Village Art School, and St. Olaf.

$225 ASI members / $250 general public


(612) 871-4907

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