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Daniel Serra

Nordic Table Lecture - Viking Age Food Culture

Wednesday, June 28, 2017 - 7:00pm to 8:00pm

Find out about Viking Age Food Culture during this talk from expert Daniel Serra, a Swedish archaeologist with a passion for and a specialty in ancient food. Have you ever wondered how the Vikings cooked and what they ate? What are the myths behind Viking food —what was fact, what was fiction?

Daniel Serra, as a follow-up to his ASI Nordic Table cooking workshop the night before (June 27), will share his substantial knowledge about the lore and the legends as well as what the Vikings actually used for ingredients, their cooking methods and how they ate. He’ll also offer a closer look at regional preferences, seasonal differences and the economic impact on the food and culture.

Daniel Serra, a doctoral candidate in Viking cuisine, is an in-demand instructor at many museums and historical events. He is an acknowledged expert on ancient food, cooking techniques, culinary practices and tastes, from the Viking age to the Renaissance. He also takes part in events like the Midwest Viking Festival in Moorehead.

$10 ASI members/ $15 nonmembers


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