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  • Turnblad Mansion

The Historic Turnblad Mansion

The historic Turnblad Mansion, former home to Swan Turnblad, his wife Christina and their daughter Lillian, was once one of 40 mansions on the stretch of Park Avenue in Minneapolis known as the Golden Mile.

Swan and Christina both immigrated to Minnesota from Sweden in the late 1800s. With a farming background and a printer by trade, Swan emerged from modest means to become owner of the largest Swedish language newspaper in the U.S., the Svenska Amerikanska Posten.

 The Turnblads commissioned architects Christopher Boehme and Victor Cordella to design this ornate home. Completion of the mansion took approximately five years from 1904 to 1908.

The Turnblad family’s worldly travels inspired much of the design for the 33 room Mansion. From the French Chateauesque style exterior to the finely crafted interior, including 11 decorative tile stoves imported from Sweden.

The Turnblad family only lived in the home until 1929, when they donated it to the American Institute for Swedish Art, Literature and Science - now known as the American Swedish Institute.

Learn more about the Turnblad Mansion and the ASI story on your next visit, or from the publication Turnblad Castle available in the ASI Museum Store.

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The Turnblad Family
Swan, Christina and Lillian Turnblad c.1890.

Turnblad Mansion slideshow

  • Mansion front
    The Turnblad Mansion, former entrance, seen from Park Avenue
  • Historic shot- exterior Turnblad Mansion
    Historic photograph - exterior Turnblad Mansion
  • Grand Hall - Turnblad Mansion
    The Turnblad Mansion - Grand Hall
  • Balcony of the Turnblad Mansion
    The balcony overlooking the Grand Hall
  • Visby Window
    The iconic Visby Window, a distinctive ASI feature.
  •  The Turnblad Mansion Dining room
    The Turnblad Dining Room
  • Tour in the Salon
    The Salon
  • Salon
  • Kakelugn- Porcelain Tile Stove
    Kakelugn- Porcelain Tile Stove
  • Kakelugn tile stove in the Moorish-style Den
    Kakelugn tile stove in the Moorish-style Den
  • Turnblad Ballroom
    Turnblad Ballroom