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ASI Language & Culture Resources

Welcome to the American Swedish Institute's Resource Page providing helpful sources, tips and links and lists for those interested in learning more about the Swedish language and culture.

Please note, this is a work in progress, so we will continue adding to it as we go along. We welcome your ideas and suggestions of other things that might be helpful regarding what you would like to see on this page. Feel free to email Karen Nelson, Communications and Marketing, with suggestions. 

Tack så mycket!

Online Swedish Language and Culture Resources

The internet gives us access to many wonderful tools for learning about Swedish language and culture. The list below includes language learning resources such as online dictionaries, smartphone apps, video and news sites, as well as modern Swedish resources in English. 


Online Swedish-English Dictionary

Look it up, slå upp det!

Read, läsa!



Smartphone apps

  • Duolingo,
  • Lingopal,
  • Babbel,
  • Swedish Travel Phrasebook

Watch, titta!

Listen, lyssna!

Practice, träna!


Links to Swedish holiday and Midsommar songs from YouTube:

Modern Sweden Resources in English:



Movies that Will Help You Discover Sweden:

Selected List:

The Emigrants

The New Land
DVD - 2016 | Swedish

Jan Troell's  monumental mid-nineteenth century epic that charts, over the course of two films, a poor Swedish farming family's voyage to Minesota in America and their efforts to put down roots in this beautiful but forbidding new world. Includes bonus disc with special features.

Here is your life

Här har du ditt liv
DVD - 2015 | Swedish

This mesmerizing debut by the great Swedish director Jan Troell (The Emigrants, The New Land) is an epic bildungsroman and a multilayered representation of early twentieth-century Sweden. Based on a series of semi-autobiographical novels by Nobel Prize winner Eyvind Johnson, Here Is Your Life follows a working-class boy's development, from naive teenager to intellectually curious young adult, from logger to movie projectionist to politically engaged man of the people -- all set against the backdrop of a slowly industrializing rural landscape. With its mix of modernist visual ingenuity and elegantly structured storytelling, this enchanting film -- presented here in its original nearly three-hour cut -- is a reminder that Troell is one of European cinema's greatest and most sensitive illuminators of the human condition.

Fjällbacka murders
DVD - 2013 | Swedish

The Fjllbacka Murders is based on the world of Camilla Lackberg's character, Erica Falck, a successful crime writer and mother of three. She's moved with her husband and children from the city to her hometown of Fjllbacka, a fishing village on a picturesque island off the coast of Sweden. Her return seems idyllic, but simmering beneath the village's surface lie hidden secrets, twisted desires and deceit waiting to erupt into the ultimate sin - murder

Vi är bäst!
DVD - 2014 | Swedish

Stockholm, the 1980s: Three teen girls decide to form a punk band, despite only one being a musician, not having any instruments, and being told by everyone that punk is dead. Focused on stirring things up in the world, but without a clue, the trio is a tribute to DIY culture and the power of rebellion.


The bridge. Series 1
DVD - 2014 | Swedish

A woman is found murdered in the middle of the Oresund Bridge, on the border between Sweden and Denmark. Police from both countries are called to the scene, and what looks like one murder turns out to be two. It's a spectacular double murder: the bodies have been brutally cut in half at the waist and put together to form a single corpse. It's also just the beginning of a wave of violence the likes of which no one has ever seen before.

The Best Intentions

Den Goda viljan
DVD - 2016 | Swedish

In 1909, poor, idealistic theology student Henrik Bergman falls in love with Ann Akerbloom, the intelligent, educated daughter of a rich family in Uppsala. After their wedding Henrik becomes a priest in the north of Sweden. Urbane Anna can't stand living in the rural country and grows increasingly restless. She returns to Uppsala and the couple's love and commitment are put to the test. The story of Ingmar Bergman's parents.

Henning Mankell's Wallander: the original episodes
DVD - 2013 | Swedish

Before anyone else played the part, Rolf Lassgard established the role of Kurt Wallander in the original Swedish film adaptations of Henning Mankell's bestselling crime novels. Kurt Wallander is a cop who gets the job done; decades of coming up against criminal minds has honed his instincts for investigations and he knows where to draw the line between the job and personal vendettas. Usually. Includes: The Man Who Smiled; Firewall, Parts 1 & 2; and The Pyramid.

Force majeure
DVD | Swedish

An idyllic family skiing vacation takes a stunning turn when an avalanche threatens the ski lodge restaurant, sending people fleeing and demanding quick decisions that change the course of the family dynamics and trust.

Simon and the Oaks
DVD - 2014 | Swedish

"In the years leading up to World War II, two families who seemingly could't be more different find that they have more in common than they could have imagined. Simon is a bookish dreamer from a working-class family in rural Sweden; Isak is the son of wealthy Jewish immigrants fleeing religious persecution in Berlin. While Simon yearns for the music, literature and art that are part of Isak's daily life, Isak finds comfort and security in Simon's more rustic existence. When Isak's family needs to find refuge from the anti-Semitism building in Sweden, the two families slowly merge, connecting in unexpected ways that threaten to both bring them closer together, and tear them apart. Suspenseful, moving and inspiring" -- Container.

Så som i himmelen/As It Is in Heaven (2004) - Norrland

As It Is in Heaven explores the normality of a small, sparsely populated northern village that the hero learns to discover again after years away. The remarkable acting and soundtrack and, most importantly, the pleasurable photography of the surrounding nature make the movie an enjoyable experience throughout its whole 134 minutes.

Annika Bengtzon, crime reporter
DVD - 2015 | Swedish

Annika Bengtzon has a gut feeling the bombing of the Olympic Stadium was not a terrorist attack but a personally motivated one.