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Summer Slöjd Youth Handcraft: Exploring Wire Craft

Wednesday Craft and Cocktails: Wire Art

Songs My Mother Taught Me – Cantus Concert

Kids at the Castle: Cabin Creatures

Nordic Table Workshop: Skyr – Making Icelandic Yogurt

Kids at the Castle: Cabin Creatures

Summer Slöjd Youth Handcraft: Wet Felted Beads

Wednesday Craft and Cocktails: Needle Felting

VIP Event: Meet the Maker, Gudrun Sjödén

First Look: Gudrun Sjödén – A Colourful Universe

Fika with Gudrun: Women & Entrepreneurial Values

Tours with Gudrun Sjödén Team Members

Nordic Craft Workshop: Natural Dyes in the Scandinavian Tradition

Gallery Talk - Gudrun Sjöden: A Colourful Universe

Summer Slöjd Youth Handcraft: Make a Mini Book

Nordic Table Workshop: Black Licorice Ice Cream

Wednesday Craft and Cocktails: Paper Art

Nordic Cooking and Culture Day Camp

FREE - Swedish Music Workshop for Youth

Nordic Craft Workshop: Weaving the Birch Bark Field Pouch

FREE - Swedish Music Family Workshop & Concert

Short Stories for Intermediate Level Students

Short Stories for Advanced Level Students

Youth Nordic Craft Workshop: Decorated Pockets with Kristina Hagander

Afternoons at ASI: Soft Slöjd

Summer Slöjd Youth Handcraft: Needle Felting Fun

Wednesday Craft and Cocktails: Wet Felting

Summer Conversation Class

Nordic Craft Workshop: The Wood-Cover Coptic Bound Journal

Nordic Craft Workshop: Design and Print Your Own Tote Bags

Summer Slöjd Youth Handcraft: Decorating Dala Horses

Verne Anderson + Cecilia Schiller — Artist Reception

Wednesday Craft and Cocktails: Kolrosing

Kids at the Castle: Mini Makers

Great Makers Exchange 2018

Great Makers Exchange Workshop: Woven Birch Bark Birds

Great Makers Exchange Workshop: Print a Tote Bag

Great Makers Exchange Workshop: Swedish Summer Décor – Mini Maypoles and Mobiles

Great Makers Exchange Workshop: Intro to Saami-Inspired Embroidery

Kids at the Castle: Mini Makers

Great Makers Exchange Workshop: Felted Balls, from Big to Small

Great Makers Exchange Workshop: Spinning Yarn from Sticks & Stones

Featured Maker Talk: Sustainable Textiles with Three Rivers Fibershed

Great Makers Exchange Workshop: Discovering SAORI Weaving

Great Makers Exchange Workshop: Craft a Cobweb Broom

Great Makers Exchange Workshop: Pinch Pot Critters

Great Makers Exchange Workshop: Mini Mug Rugs

Great Makers Exchange Workshop: Kolrosing

Great Makers Exchange Workshop: Fit to be Tied – Making a 4-Strand Braid

Great Makers Exchange Workshop: Hand-Stitched Leather Cardholder

Kräftskiva – Crayfish Party 2018

Svenska på slottet / Swedish at the Castle begins

Nordic Table Workshop: Pulla with Soile Anderson

Nordic Table Lecture: From Peasant’s Hearths to Feast Tables, the Foods of Medieval and Renaissance Scandinavia with Daniel Serra

Scandinavian Wooden Figure Carving – Classes Begin

Scandinavian Spoon Carving – Class Begins

Nordic Table Workshop: Classic Cookies and Bars

Nordic Craft Workshop: Fused Glass Suncatchers

Cocktails at the Castle: Chroma Craze

September Book Discussion: "Everything I Don't Remember"

Nordic Table Workshop: Rye Sourdough with Soile Anderson

Nordic Craft Workshop: Playing with Watercolor Patterns

Nordic Craft Workshop: Scandi-Style Stenciled Fabrics

Youth Slöjd: Colorful Collages

Nordic Craft Workshop: Painted Ceramic Tray

Nordic Table Workshop: Kanelbullar

Viking Myths of Minnesota’s Kensington Rune Stone — and What Those Myths Reveal About the (Mis)Shaping of Identity in the Face of the Religious and Racial Other

Nordic Table Workshop: Fermenting the Fall Harvest

Ett axplock av svenska kvinnliga författare från Fredrika Bremer till Lena Andersson

Nordic Craft Workshop: Coopered Vessels

Nordic Craft Workshop: Intro to Knife Skills with Carved Butter Spreaders

Nordic Table Workshop: Kringles and Kringlor

A Taste of Swedish Women Writers from Fredrika Bremer to Lena Andersson

Nordic Craft Workshop: SAORI Weaving

Nordic Craft Workshop: SAORI Weaving Intergenerational Session

Nordic Craft Workshop: Wool Jewelry

Nordic Craft Workshop: Fused Glass Plates with Silver Birch Trees

Swedish Genealogy Workshop

Nordic Craft Workshop: Preparing for Winter with Nordic Herbals

Family Slöjd: All Souls Day Family Collages

Nordic Table Lecture: Simple, Honest, Aware: Scandinavian Influence in a Midwestern Kitchen

Nordic Table Masterclass: New Nordic at Home with Chef Scott Graden

Nordic Craft Workshop: Paper Luminaries

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