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Connections to Copper

copper kettle

Barb sits at her dining room table holding a copper kettle that once belonged to her great-grandmother.
When Barb’s grandmother, Ida Maria, immigrated to Minnesota in 1905, this kettle was the one object she brought with her.

Ida was only 12 years old when her mother passed away from complications of childbirth. Devastated by this loss, Ida left home and set off for a new life in America as soon as she turned 17.

Not only did this kettle remind Ida of her mother, but also of the place she left. She grew up not far from Falun’s copper mine in Dalarna, Kopparbergs Län (Copper Mountain County).

“Even though she left and made her home here, she held on to parts of her Swedish identity. It is more than just a cool old coffee kettle - it was full of so much meaning for Ida, it is meaningful for us to have this connection to her. It represents the love she had for her homeland, her mother, the life that she was leaving.”

A connection that has been passed down to Barb, as well as her mom Lorraine, and now to Barb’s daughters and granddaughters - a maternal connection to the women in their family.
It seems only fitting that Barb shared the story with us, in her house on Copper Mountain Court.

copper kettle