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Crafted with Love

ingrid and nyckelharpa

Ingrid sits holding the nyckelharpa she has been playing since the age of 12. Beside her, her mother Janis who crafted the instrument by hand.

Back in 2002, Janis was biking by and stopped inside the Norwegian Termite woodworking workshop then located in Mendota. There she learned about a workshop to build a nyckelharpa. As a musician and having once built a harp with her father, she was excited by the prospect and signed up. Little did she know, it would be a five-year passion project.

Her daughter Ingrid was in the 4th grade when she started, and would often go along to the workshop before school. Ingrid would happily play with the workshop dog, Kjaelin, while her mom was busy carving the keys and parts of the complex instrument. With encouragement and support from family and others in the class, including Dr. Bill Dahl, Janis assembled the nyckelharpa in time for Ingrid’s 8th grade talent show.

With a keen ear for music and training in violin, Ingrid picked up playing the instrument with ease. It would became her primary instrument throughout high school, college and today. Not only did her mom pass on a love for music, but an instrument – made by hand.

nyckelharpa 2