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  • Danish Holiday Room - desserts 2017
  • Sweden Table in the Library
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  • Finnish Holiday Room 2017
  • Iceland Holiday Room 2017
  • Norway Holiday Room
  • Sweden Holiday Room - mysig
  • Grand Hall during the Holidays at ASI
  • Mansion in the winter

Fest! Merry Mansion - Nordic Holidays

Nov 10, 2017 to Jan 07, 2018

Fest! Merry Mansion

Nordic Holidays at the American Swedish Institute
November 11, 2017 - January 8, 2018

Fest! Jul 2017

Fest! is a demonstration in detail of the dramatic ways in which to celebrate the holiday season. Experience one of the region’s most talked about seasonal destinations with Fest! Merry Mansion, the American Swedish Institute’s 2017-18 exhibition of Nordic Holiday Rooms. Explore the unique displays of customs and traditions from the five Nordic countries of Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Iceland and Finland, all set under one elaborately decorated roof, the historic Turnblad Mansion!

As an organization committed to being a gathering place for all people that inspires dicovery of your heritage in relation to others, ASI collaborates with six community cultural groups each year to arrange its holiday displays. In addition to each of the five Nordic cultural groups sharing their holiday traditions, this year we celebrate the holiday traditions of Romanian origin in an installation produced by the Heritage Organization of Romanian Americans.

A special additional highlight is Skål! Scandinavian Spirits, a nationally traveling exhibition that explores the ‘spirited’ cultural traditions shared by Denmark, Norway and Sweden, produced by the Museum of Danish America.

ASI also welcomes back the Twin Cities music-theatre troupe Impossible Salt to bring the Fest alive. Community performances, included in museum admission, and ticketed shows with a pre-show Mansion cocktail, appetizers and exploration hour will run during November and December.

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