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  • Light Grey Art Lab's Huldufólk Exhibition
  • Light Grey Art Lab's Huldufólk Exhibition
  • Matt Forsythe - Glacier

Light Grey Art Lab – Iceland’s Huldufólk

May 27, 2017 to Jul 09, 2017

Light Grey Art Lab – Iceland’s Huldufólk

Minneapolis’ Light Grey Art Lab’s Huldufólk exhibition celebrates the hidden folk, trolls and fairies, and the faces in the rocks, pools, smoking earth and ever-surprising landscape that influence Icelandic folklore and culture. This distinctive exhibition includes prints and other works created by artists who traveled to Iceland as part of Light Grey Art Lab’s Residency program. The trip was designed to expand their perspective on creative life and encourage reflection, adventure and discovery.

Light Grey Art Lab is a gallery and art events space that focuses on bringing all types of artists and designers together to exhibit, participate, learn and share experiences. Every year, they host an artist residency program in Iceland where participants spend time in the landscape; walking pathways behind waterfalls, along cliffs teaming with wildlife and getting up close to ancient glaciers. After experiencing the inspiring environment, artists then join an intimate team of makers in exploring creative practices through thought-provoking artist-led sessions in the evenings. 

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