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Salmela Architecture | Loll Designs

May 31, 2014 to Nov 02, 2014

“Fresh and impressively varied, Salmela's work joins an abundance of creative energy with firm convictions about solving real architectural problems. The impressive range of his work as well as its consistent attention to craft and detail set it apart and compel us to measure it by a different yardstick than is commonly used in current architectural dialogue.” -Lawrence W. Speck, FAIA (review of Salmela Architect, 2005 – University of Minnesota Press).

 Sit back and enjoy a fika in the ASI Courtyard in these sustainably produced custom chairs by architect David Salmela and Loll Designs of Duluth, MN.  Salmela, the award-winning architect, and the acclaimed team at Loll Designs  have combined to create durable, all-weather outdoor furniture from recycled plastic. Functional or art? Grab a group of friends and decide for yourself. 

Pick a Favorite Design and Relax In the ASI Courtyard This Summer:

Taavi -  Designed by Salmela, Taavi is an inspired low profile lounge perfectly suited to outdoor contemplation. 

Gladys - Gladys is a slightly taller and narrower translation, with a vertical headrest that is more comfortable than it may appear. 

Silo - Designed by Salmela, the Silo not only makes a statement about good design but it has unexpected comfort as well. 

Lussi – Similar to the Silo, only taller and a shorter stance. 


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