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  • Mohamud Mumin Photograph of Cedar Riverside
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Sketches of Cedar Riverside by Mohamud Mumin

Aug 12, 2017 to Oct 29, 2017

Sketches of Cedar Riverside by Mohamud Mumin

Join us for a discussion with the artist on Wednesday, September 13, 1-2 p.m.
Free with Museum Admission

Mohamud Mumin: Sketches of Cedar Riverside

ASI welcomes photographer and visual storyteller Mohamud Mumin for the debut of his new exhibition of his Sketches of Cedar Riverside project which combines photographs, videos and recorded soundscapes in a sensory approach that conveys the rich history of Minneapolis’ West Bank.  This eclectic Cedar-Riverside neighborhood of Minneapolis was once part of Mni Sota Makoce, the historic homeland of the Dakota people. In more recent history, it has been a home and a shared geography to many newcomers to America including Swedish and more recently Somali immigrants.

Mumin’s photographs and non-visual work, shaped by his own experience, express the texture of human interactions within a distinct urban landscape. Drawing on the archives at the American Swedish Institute, resources from Hennepin County Library archives and his continued artistic exploration of this neighborhood, Mohamud Mumin examines aspects of the overlapping and shared history of both Swedish and Somali immigrants of Minnesota.

Soundscapes from this neighborhood are used to augment the multi-layered visual elements in order to unearth a deeper sense of the history of Cedar-Riverside and the meanings its inhabitants, past and present, attach to its urban landscape. This sensory approach, using both visual and non-visual materials, promises to enrich our understanding of and give texture to the human experience and interaction with the environment, in its exploration of the layered migration histories and experiences of the Cedar-Riverside and the communities that call it home today.

Mumin received a 2016 ASI Malmberg Fellowship which supports the study of our archives, collections and programs and enabled him to use ASI material, including items from our collections, like a hand turned coffee grinder and wire eyeglasses that recalled moments of immigrant experiences, to help map the neighborhood’s cultural history.

For additional information, visit Mumin's website

Wednesday Wandering - Afternoons at ASI

On Wednesday, September 13, 1-2 p.m. – Photographer and visual storyteller Mohamud Mumin talks about his Sketches of Cedar Riverside project.  The exhibition, on view at the ASI through October 29, conveys the rich history and contrasts of Minneapolis’ West Bank neighborhood from yesterday’s Nordic neighborhoods to today's majority East African immigrants.

Mohamud Mumin is a photographer, a visual artist and curator at Soomaal House of Art, a Minneapolis based Somali-American artists collective. He uses art as a vehicle to tell his story and that of Somalis in America, and in particular, the Somali-Minnesotans. He holds a Bachelor's of Science in Chemistry from the University of Minnesota and is a recent recipient of both Andy Warhol Foundation Visual Arts Fund and University of Minnesota Center for Urban and Regional Affairs’ Artist Neighborhood Partnership Initiative Grant; and past recipient of a 2013 McKnight Artist Fellowship for Photographers. He has exhibited work locally and nationally with an upcoming international exhibition in Norway.

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