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  • The Stories They Told

The Stories They Told

Jan 21, 2017 to Mar 05, 2017

Flat plane figure carving, capturing many folkloric personalities in wood, is a Nordic art medium embodying a range of social, societal and cultural narratives.

The Stories They Told is an exhibition presenting some of the most recognized and sought-after craft practitioners working in this art form including: Emil Janel, Axel Petersson (Döderhultarn), H.S. "Andy" Anderson, Herman Rosell, the Tryggs and Uran Gunarsson. Carvings to be shown range from the early 1900s to more contemporary works.

The Stories They Told brings the makers’ carved narratives to life by linking these physical objects with illustrated animation by Adam Loomis, a filmmaker and animator living in Minneapolis. The method allows visitors a closer look at the truths of the immigrant experience.

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