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Treasured Threads: Nordic Lace

Jul 21, 2012 to Jan 13, 2013

Lace holds a special place in the traditions of the Nordic countries. This handcraft was practiced by ordinary farm girls and skilled, paid craftspeople alike. Lace was often tied to special occasions; weddings in particular were inevitably a time to prepare elaborately trimmed and ornamented garments, for both bride and groom. And the dowry chests that accompanied women into their new homes were laden with coverlets and pillowcases that showcased the lady’s handiwork.

The American Swedish Institute is happy to partner with the Minnesota Lace Society on the exhibit, Treasured Threads: Nordic Lace, — on display from July 21, 2012 to January 13, 2013 — which will feature lace in various styles from the Nordic countries. The show will highlight several pieces from the extraordinary collections of Österlens Museum in Skåne, representing the unique work of a core group of skilled women workers who practiced their craft in this Swedish region. ASI will also display items on loan from local collectors, and members of the Lace Society will demonstrate in the galleries on scheduled dates. The exhibit has been arranged in concert with the 59th Annual Conference of the International Old Lacemakers, Inc. taking place in St. Paul from August 5 to 11; for information visit

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