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The Troll With No Heart: Woodcuts by Betsy Bowen and Stories by Lise Lunge-Larsen

Nov 14, 2015 to Feb 28, 2016

As tall as trees and as ancient and rugged as the Nordic landscape from which they come, trolls are some of lore's most fascinating and varied creatures. Some live under bridges, others deep inside caves. They can carry their heads under their arms or hide their hearts inside wells. They can walk across oceans and fly over mountains. Trees and shrubs may grow from their heads, and their noses can be long enough to stir soup.

There are troll hags, troll daughters, and elderly, shrunken trolls. Old or young, they are quarrelsome, ugly, and boastful, and they love to trick princesses and children. To defeat them, children must rely on the strengths of their humanity-persistence, kindness, pluck, and willingess to heed good advice.

This exhibition features Minnesota artist Betsy Bowen's original woodblock prints on loan from the University of Minnesota's Kerlan Collection complemented by the stories told by author and folklorist, Lise Lunge-Larsen and featured in the University of Minnesota Press' book, The Troll with No Heart In His Body. 

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