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  • Mark Hansen Loves to Row - by Cecilia Schiller
  • Verne and Cecilia
  • Verne Anderson - woodcut print, cabin
  • Cecilia Schiller with her work at exhibition opening
  • Verne Anderson artwork
  • Tatterhood Puppets Egg Lady and Chicky

Verne Anderson + Cecilia Schiller — Whimsy + Wonder

Aug 11, 2018 to Sep 16, 2018

Verne Anderson + Cecilia Schiller — Whimsy + Wonder

This remarkable exhibition features the engaging and whimsical work of two Twin Cities-based artists whose careers intersect with three-dimensional sculpture, craft and art.

Cecilia Schiller crafts fascinating, interactive mechanical sculptures called automata, brought to life when the viewer turns a crank. Schiller is an award-winning sculptor and woodcarver who incorporates hand carved figures and decorative elements into her creations.

Verne Anderson, whose award-winning work has been shown at Mia - the Minneapolis Institute of Arts, and local and national galleries, creates wood block prints, illustrations, paintings, puppets and interactive carved toys/sculptures.

Verne Anderson Last of the "Straight-Laced" Minnesotans

Portraits by Xavier Tavera


Verne Anderson - portrait by Xavier Tavera
Verne Anderson - portrait by Xavier Tavera


Cecilia Schiller - portrait by Xavier Tavera
Cecilia Schiller - portrait by Xavier Tavera

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