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Wear Your Culture: Dressing Swedish, Dressing Oromo

Jul 06, 2013 to Aug 25, 2013

Wear Your Culture is a two-part exhibition project created by the American Swedish Institute.

Around the world, every single morning, each and every one of us gets dressed. The clothes we wear fulfill basic needs of protection and creativity while at the same time communicating a sense of belonging and cultural heritage, especially for special occasions.

Presented as a whole, Wear Your Culture: Dressing Swedish, Dressing Oromo explores and honors the traditional clothing and rich cultural heritage of Minnesota’s immigrant communities past and present.

Dressing Swedish: From Hazelius to Salander

What does it mean to dress “Swedish”? Dressing Swedish gathers an abundance of costumes that speak to the diversity of the Swedish people. The Dressing Swedish exhibition contributes to the topic of embodiment of culture and culture on display. With focus on Sweden and Swedish-American culture the exhibition shows how cultural heritage is created and re-created through dressing.

Dressing Swedish is a traveling exhibition from the Embassy of Sweden curated by Dr. Charlotte Hyltén-Cavallius and Dr. Lizette Gradén, and supported by Multicultural Society, Tumba in Sweden.

Dressing Oromo

Oromo Young Generation of Minneapolis in partnership with the American Swedish Institute presents Dressing Oromo, highlighting the rich tradition of Oromo clothing and culture. Although the Oromo nation is one of the largest in Africa, its borders within present day Ethiopia, it is still unknown to the majority of the world. More than 20,000 Oromo now reside in Minnesota. High school and college Oromo-American students living in Minnesota share their cultural knowledge and pride in this unique companion exhibit and accompanying programs. Oromo Young Generation is sponsored by Trinity Lutheran Congregation and exhibit/program development mentored by ASI.

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