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  • STEiNUNN with her Weather Diaries Installation
  • Weather Diaries Installation
  • Sarah Cooper in the ASI Galleries
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  • JOR Weather Diaries Installation

The Weather Diaries

Mar 24, 2017 to Jul 02, 2017

"It’s a journey through the arctic and sub-arctic lands of Iceland, Greenland and the Faroe Islands and their unique cultural identities, shaped by tradition, isolation, darkness, wind, mountains, the sea and the cold... a haunting, otherworldly experience, aided and abetted by its setting. (Another reminder, if we need one, that our own ASI is often the scene of rare and unusual experiences.)" - Pamela Espeland, MinnPost's Artscape

Exhibition – On View Through Sunday, July 2, 2017

Read the MinnPost Artscape article by Pamela Espeland about The Weather Diaires

A stunning exhibition of photographic artworks by Cooper & Gorfer linked with one-of-a-kind installations, The Weather Diaries explores the roots of West Nordic fashion and the inescapable impact of nature and weather in developing a centuries-deep cultural identity in Iceland, Greenland and the Faroe Islands.

Cooper & Garfor’s painting-like photographs, created on assignment from exhibition producer The Nordic House, are constructed with advanced collage techniques drawing from work by gifted West Nordic artists/designers including STEiNUNN, Barbara I Gongini, Kría, Nikolaj Kristensen, GUĐRUN & GUĐRUN, Bibi Chemnitz, Jessie Kleemann, Mundi and JÖR by Guðmundur Jörundsson.  The installations include a 55-pound beaded collar, knitted garments, tulle and feathers,  bone fragments and life-sized mannequins in tailored suits. The Weather Diaries Film, an alluring documentary filmed on location, gives voice to the designers

This compelling exhibition was produced by The Nordic House in Reykjavik. It continues the American Swedish Institute’s 2017 suite of programming inspired by Migration, Identity and Belonging and reflects our mission to be a gathering place for all people to share experiences around culture, migration, the environment and the arts. 

During the March 24, First Look—The Weather Diaries preview party,  Sarah Cooper, (U.S.) and Nina Gorfer (Austria) who now work in Gothenburg and Berlin, visited ASI as special guests with Icelandic artist/designer STEiNUNN.  Fashion Week Minnesota co-directors Jahna Peloquin and Sarah Edwards led a lively discussion. RONiia provided music and the Textile Center led fiber-based jewelry making. Specialty cocktails and curated appetizers were available from the award-winning FIKA Café for purchase.  

For ASI, The Weather Diaries exhibit allows American Swedish Institute ASI to nurture stronger links to contemporary Sweden and the Nordic region to promote an exchange of ideas and values that benefit all people, and to connect its varied audiences globally, yet anchor these experiences locally.

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About Cooper & Gorfer

About Cooper & Gorfer

Sarah Cooper, (U.S., 1974) and Nina Gorfer (Austria, 1979), who now live and work in Gothenburg, Sweden and Berlin, Germany, traveled throughout Iceland, Greenland, and the Faroe Islands on assignment from exhibition producer The Nordic House in Reykjavik.  Their resulting large-scale,painting-like pieces are constructed with advanced collage techniques that combine photographs of work by some of the most gifted artists and designers of the West Nordic region including STEiNUNN, Barbara I Gongini, Kría, Nikolaj Kristensen, GUĐRUN & GUĐRUN, Bibi Chemnitz, Jessie Kleemann, Mundi and JÖR by Guðmundur Jörundsson.  

The accompanying installations display a 55-pound beaded collar, knitted garments, tulle and feathers, bone fragments, and full-sized mannequins in tailored suits. The Weather Diaries Film is a short “behind the scenes” documentary, filmed on location, giving voice to the designers and capturing the visual allure of these three island nations.

Video: The Weather Diaries