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  • Swan Turnblad

Resources and Links

For further information regarding Sweden, Swedish-American immigration or other related topics, please see the following resources:

The Minnesota Historical Society
The Minnesota Historical Society's Library contains a great deal of information on Swedish immigration to Minnesota. Search their catalog, which includes many images relevant to Swedish immigration.

Swedish American Newspapers

This online portal allows users to explore more than 300,000 pages from 28 different Swedish American newspapers. These titles were published across the United States between 1859 and 2007 and catered to America's Swedish immigrant communities. Among these papers is the Svenska Amerikanska Posten, which began in 1885 and was published for 55 years, flourishing under the leadership of American Swedish Institute founder Swan Turnblad.

Swenson Swedish Immigration Research Center
The Swenson Immigration Research Center at Augustana College, Rock Island, Ill. also has an extensive catalog of information on Swedish immigration. Their website also offers many links useful to researchers.

The Swedish Institute
"The Official Gateway to Sweden," is a website produced by the Swedish Institute in Sweden that offers endless information on the culture, society, and history of Sweden.

The Swedish Genealogical Society of Minnesota
The Swedish Genealogical Society of Minnesota is the number one link not only to general information on Swedish-American genealogy, but also to the resources and people who can help you with your genealogical research.

Minnesota Digital Library - Minnesota Reflections
Nearly 62,000 images of Minnesota scenes from repositories throughout the state.

The Tell G. Dahllöf Collection of Swedish Americana, University of Minnesota
Housed in Andersen Library, the Dahllöf Collection of almost 7,000 books, periodicals, newspapers, and other publications documents American history seen from a Swedish perspective, the history of Swedish emigration to and Swedish culture in North America.