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Lilly Lorénzen Scholarship

Lilly Lorénzen Scholarship

The American Swedish Institute will award a $1,000 Lilly Lorénzen Scholarship to the best-qualified applicant with plans to study in Sweden during the 2018-2019 school year. You must be a Minnesota resident to apply.

The award was established 38 years ago by friends and relatives of Lilly Lorénzen, a former Swedish language instructor and author of the book Of Swedish Ways. The scholarship is given through ASI to a Minnesota resident with demonstrated achievement in their field of study who plans to study in Sweden, has a working knowledge of the Swedish language and will contribute to American-Swedish exchange.

For more information, please email Ingrid Nyholm-Lange, ASI's Associate Director of Programs and Community Engagement, at 

Past Recipients:

Chelsea Bodin of Apple Valley was the 2017-18 recipient of the Lilly Lorénzen Scholarship for Study in Sweden.

Bodin plans to study and analyze international tax law at Uppsala University during fall 2017. She will be the first in her family to visit Sweden, but has spent a significant amount of time on ancestry websites, and plans to also use this opportunity abroad to explore her family heritage. Her academic interest lies primarily in the relationship between Sweden’s high effective tax rate and the public’s confidence in the Swedish Tax Agency. She looks forward to gaining a global perspective on the legal profession as well as the laws that pervade daily lives.

Bodin graduated from Apple Valley High School and the University of Wisconsin with Bachelor of Arts degrees in Legal Studies and Sociology. She is currently working towards a law degree from the University of Minnesota. Upon her return, Bodin will graduate with a Juris Doctor degree as well as a Master’s Degree in International Tax Law. She looks forward to a career in labor and employment law.

Jonathan Poole, 1999 recipient, shares his experience...

"In 1999, as a Gustavus sophomore studying Swedish under Professor Roland Thorstensson, I received a language-study scholarship from your institution [American Swedish Institute]. I used it to spend a summer at Ålands folkhögskola, in the village of Pålsböle, on the autonomous Åland Islands. My experiences there eventually led me to the State Department, where, after assignments to Russia, Libya, and the United Nations, I find myself back in Scandinavia. I currently serve as the security attaché at the U.S. Embassy in Helsinki. The Swedish I learned in Åland, thanks to your scholarship, has served me well ever since. Here's a photo of me in front of Ålands folkhögskola, when I returned for a visit last week, 18 years after your scholarship first sent me there."

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