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Mia-Louise Sellerup

Mia-Louise Sellerup is a historical interpreter focusing on Viking age and Middle Age foodways. She is the “Lady of the Longhouse” at the Ribe Viking Center in Denmark, where she both interprets Viking era history and researches and reconstructs Viking era foodways. She is one part of the historical education team, Husfruerna.

In her own words: "I have been a Viking my entire life. My grandparents and their group of craftsmen started a Viking market at Moesgaard beach near Aarhus in the 1970s and when me and my two sisters were old enough, we attended the market as well as Viking children. My grandmother was an excellent home cook and she taught me a lot of the knowledge I use in the longhouse kitchen today. She knew about the old traditions and practices linked to traditional Danish food culture – a knowledge I later on extended at the University and in my current food project, #VikingSlowFood."

Mia-Louise Sellerup
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