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The Music of Memories

music box 2

Kimara sits at the desk in her office, winds up the music box and lets it play. Little figurines dance to a sweet tune, turning in circles through the miniature building. An object that has been with Kimara since she was 5 years old.

In 1985, Kimara and her mother went on an adventure through England, Wales, Tukey, Italy and Switzerland.

“It was the first big trip I remember, and really instilled in me the love I have for travel. This object speaks to our family – a family of explorers. From an early age, we would get out and explore the world.”

Kimara’s mom found ways to keep the trip engaging for the 5, soon-to-be 6 year old. They collected modes of transportation as they went, including riding paddleboats in Switzerland. On her birthday, they found a clock and music shop packed to the gills with all kinds of trinkets, music boxes and cuckoo clocks.

Kimara has kept this music box with her ever since. Even as an adult, it is one thing she makes sure moves with her from place to place. When Kimara migrated to Minneapolis for medical school and met her husband – the music box was there too. Now her boys, ages 1, 4 and 6, love to wind up the box and listen to it play.

music box