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  • Jean Hanslin

Jean Hanslin


How long have you been teaching at ASI?

Including Svenska Skolan, maybe 20 years total.

How did you learn Swedish/what is your connection to Sweden?

Stage 1: words and phrases from Swedish grandparents upon request

Stage 2: trips to Sweden

Stage 3: U of M Swedish course (taught by Swedish husband)

Stage 4: complete immersion while residing in Göteborg for 5 years

Stage 5: ongoing teaching/learning and interaction with Sweden/Swedish

How would you describe your teaching style?

I use a learner-centered, communicative approach, incorporating all four functional language skills into every lesson. Homework is assigned, focusing primarily on vocabulary/grammar (written exercises) and pronunciation/comprehension (CDs and internet).

What is your favorite Swedish word and why?

Stämning. It's as just right as lagom, but embraces more emotion.

Instructor Jean Hanslin