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march book chat

CANCELLED March Nordic Book Chat: "Love"

Sunday, March 22, 2020 - 12:45pm to 2:45pm

Join ASI’s book chat to discuss our picks of Nordic novels.

In March we will talk about Love by Hanne Orstavik.

What's it about?

"Love is the story of Vibeke and Jon, a mother and son who have just moved to a small place in the north of Norway. It's the day before Jon's birthday, and a travelling carnival has come to the village. Jon goes out to sell lottery tickets for his sports club, and Vibeke is going to the library. From here on we follow the two individuals on their separate journeys through a cold winter's night - while a sense of uneasiness grows. Love illustrates how language builds its own reality, and thus how mother and son can live in completely separate worlds. This distance is found not only between human beings, but also within each individual. This novel shows how such distance may have fatal consequences." 

2020 Nordic Book Chat line-up:

$15 ASI members / $18 non-members

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