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A Conversation with Gunnel Holmér and Lennart Johansson from Småland

Thursday, September 27, 2018 - 6:30pm

Swedish Glass – A Living Heritage

We’re privileged to host a lecture and reception on Thursday September 27 at 6:30 PM for Lennart Johansson and Gunnel Holmér, the director and chief curator of the glass collections respectively, at Smålands County Museum in Växjö, Sweden. They will share insights into the history and culture of this important region, with a particular emphasis upon the glassworks industry.

One of the major attractions of Sweden is an area in the southern part of the country known as the “Kingdom of Crystal” or Glasriket.  This area is part of the Småland province, a densely forested region which remains one of Europe’s natural wonderlands.  They have been making world-famous glass here since 1742, thanks to an abundance of natural materials (sand, water, wood).

In the regional center of Växjö, you’ll find Sweden’s oldest provincial museum, Smålands County Museum. Their glass collection is the source of the museum's international reputation.  The museum has responsibility for presenting this region’s cultural heritage, which has been profoundly informed by the life on its rural industrial estates, which are now primarily devoted to the production of glass.

The museum has nationwide responsibility for collecting, documenting and exhibiting Swedish glass and its production, and now has some 40,000 glass artifacts collected from 105 glassworks in Sweden that have worked between the 1580s and the present.  This lecture presentation is a remarkable opportunity to learn about this important industry and art form which is so strongly represented in Sweden’s cultural history.


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