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Film Screening - The Spoon, The Bowl and The Knife

Film Screening- The Spoon, The Bowl and The Knife

Sunday, January 21, 2018 - 2:00pm to 4:00pm

Film Screening - The Spoon, The Bowl and The Knife

With a talkback hosted by visiting Swedish artist Jögge Sundqvist, this documentary film is about his father, Wille Sundqvist, a Swedish National Treasure, acknowledged for his efforts as a teacher who played a key role in keeping traditional Swedish woodcraft alive and thriving. Jögge, the filmmaker, will share stories about how his father influenced his own work and the role of craft in today’s world.

Comments by Paul Linden, local artist and ASI instructor:

“There are few carvers from the United States who have had the ability to visit and study with Wille Sundqvist at his home in Northern Sweden, to experience watching him work in an environment to which he is so thoroughly connected… I feel so very fortunate to be one of them. Wille’s book, Swedish Carving Techniques, is an inimitable reference on the tools and the techniques of carving bowls and spoons in the Swedish style. What this film offers is not only the ability to see the author demonstrate the techniques, but perhaps an even more valuable insight into the whole of Wille’s carving process… from a walk in the woods through the daily use of the finished spoon at the table. It is an exceptional story of a life devoted to the promotion of craft and the education of others”

In Artist and Producer Jögge Sundqvist’s words:

"I was inspired in 2012 by an idea of Drew Langsner’s that I make a film of my father Wille Sundqvist and his life’s work. Through support from the National Swedish Handicraft Council, private donations, and the crowd-funding platform Kickstarter, I came to realize this recording, this dream.

As the producer of the film and as a professional woodworker, I saw the need for a younger audience to meet my father – a genuine tradition-bearer.

Craft is low-tech production in local materials that provides useful items for those who make them. Unlike today’s world, in craft there is a producer and a consumer in one single product. It is a genuine approach born out of a society based on the self-sufficiency that the Scandinavian craft traditions represent. Knowledge from older generations have nearly died out in our Western culture – a knowledge which today is highly current in the intense environmental debate about creating a sustainable society. I do hope this film can make a small difference."

Enjoy, learn and carve!

Jögge Sundqvist

$5 ASI members, $10 non-members. Includes Museum Admission


Please call 612-871-4907

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