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Pea soup

Nordic Table Workshop: Swedish Pea Soup and Pancakes

Wednesday, January 24, 2018 - 6:30pm to 8:30pm

Nordic Table Workshop: Swedish Pea Soup and Pancakes

Learn about Sweden’s traditional Thursday night meal of ärtsoppa (yellow pea soup) and pancakes served with lingonberries. While this national dish has more recently fallen out of fashion, the ärtsoppa tradition dates to when Catholic rule came to Sweden and meat was forbidden on Fridays, and a meat fast began Thursday nights. There is even an intriguing link with the soup and King Erik XIV’s assassination.

One way to revive the tradition is to update the recipe! In this class we will use diverse flavors to bring new life to old dishes, and our menu will include a modernized ärtsoppa (yellow pea soup flavored with Thai curry, coconut milk, cilantro lime yogurt, and fried lefse crisps) as well as Swedish pancakes with lingonberries and cream.

Presenting Sponsor - Whole Foods Market

ASI Members $55, non-members $65


For information, call 612-871-4907

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