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SOLD OUT Dye Like a Viking with Theresa Hornstein

Saturday, July 20, 2019 - 10:00am to 5:00pm

Learn how the Vikings added color to their life through vibrant textiles! The Nordic region has a long tradition of using natural dyes to add color to knitware, woven cloth and thread for embroidery and woven bands. Join Duluth resident Theresa Hornstein to discover the beautiful colors that can be coaxed from the flowers, leaves, roots and even the lichen and fungi common to our Midwest northern landscapes and Scandinavia. Students will receive seven 25 yard skeins of yarn to dye in the colors of their choice (enough for a few small projects). Learn how to prepare dye baths, mordant fibers, modify colors and identify common dye plants that might already be in your backyard. Also discuss ethical harvesting, dye methods, a history of natural dyes and learn about special Scandinavian techniques of using lichens for dye baths.

An additional $25 materials fee is payable to the instructor.

$85 ASI members / $95 non-members


For information, call 612-871-4907

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