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Votes for Women! Rally 1920 - Theatrical Performance

Wednesday, March 11, 2020 - 6:00pm

Feel the passion of early feminists! Meet some key Minnesota suffragists and be part of their rally through the crowd, if you choose! Hear of the arrest and hunger strike by firebrand Swedish-Minnesotan Berthe Moller! Learn a short suffrage song! 

Leaders Nanny Mattson Jaeger (Swedish-Minnesotan) and Clara Ueland (Norwegian –Minnesotan) move the crowd with descriptions of the long struggle. Nellie Griswold Francis (African-Minnesotan) tells of her leadership with the Rondo community in St. Paul. 

Performed by costumed actors Jane Peck, Acoma Gaither, Michelle Rowley and Kay Wold of History Alive! Lanesboro. This show was written by Director and historian Jane Peck and premiered in the “History Alive Lanesboro Pop-up Plays: 1918,” performed in 2018. It was also performed for the Minnesota Women’s Suffrage Day celebration at the state capitol on September 8, 2019, sponsored by the League of Women Voters.



For information, call 612-871-4907

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