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Puppy Is His Name

puppy 1

8 year-old Molly sits in an oversized armchair with her beloved stuffed animal in her lap. Puppy is its name and has been by Molly’s side her whole life.

We asked, “Why is puppy special to you?”

“Because I love him,” she replied while looking at puppy with a smile. Molly shares that puppy has a special spot on her pillow where he sleeps every night, right by her side.

Puppy was once a little fluffier, softer with fur a little whiter, but years of snuggles and adventures with Molly has started to show a patina of love.

Her mother shares how puppy has found a place in the entire family’s heart. When Molly was having separation anxiety at school, puppy was in her backpack. Knowing he was there, Molly knew she would be okay.