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Scott Graden

Self-taught, Scott Graden turned his vision into a reality upon opening the New Scenic Café on the North Shore of Lake Superior between Duluth and Two Harbors, Minnesota. Since 1999, Scott has led the Café to provide high quality artisan foods while introducing the community to new cooking styles and cuisine. Through his tenacity and touch, Chef Graden captures the essence of each ingredient to create truly excellent food. Many chefs are commonly asked, “Where did you study?” For Chef Graden, study takes place on a sensory and daily level. By continually experimenting with ingredients and techniques, he has refined his understandings into an individual style that is simple, honest, and aware.

Educating the community about quality and food has always been at the core of Chef Graden’s philosophy. Throughout the years, Chef Graden has shared his culinary knowledge and style by teaching not only in the restaurant with his cooks, but also in the public sphere. He has taught as a featured cook at the Minnesota State Fair, Blue Heron Trading Company (Duluth, MN), Kitchen Window (Minneapolis, MN), Whole Foods Co-op (Duluth, MN), and North House Folk School (Grand Marais, MN). In addition, he has taught at corporate retreats, for small groups, and for individuals. Chef Graden’s passion for culinary arts, industriousness, and wry humor are revealed in his tutelage. As many have experienced, it is a treat to work with Chef Graden–he teaches in systems and philosophies in a manner that is innovative and graspable, shifting the focus away from memory-based methods.

Scott Graden - New Scenic Cafe
Scott Graden - New Scenic Cafe