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The Vikings Begin

May 17, 2019 to Oct 27, 2019

The Vikings Begin -

ASI Welcomes You to the Midwest premiere of a Fascinating Collection of Artifacts

This extraordinary new exhibition features dozens of early Viking artifacts from boat graves, organized by Uppsala University in Sweden and its museum, Gustavianum, which is home to one of the world’s finest collections of Viking and pre-Viking objects.

The Vikings Begin

Based on cutting-edge research by Neil Price, Charlotte Hedenstierna-Jonson and John Ljungkvist, the exhibition at ASI is the Midwest premiere of a collection that has never been outside of Scandinavia until this year, with many finds that are around 1400 years old. With Viking helmets, swords and weapons for attack and defense, as well as jewelry, glass vessels, bowls and other objects with magical importance, the artifacts tell stories both about the society and the people buried with them.

The installation is divided into thematic sections on Viking warfare, maritime trade, a ship burial, Norse gods, the Baltic Sea and geo-political relationships to other cultures, shedding new light on how early Viking society was organized, the role of women and the development of maritime innovation that enabled the Vikings to reach faraway lands in the East and the West.

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The Vikings Begin exhibition is presented by Viking® with support from Charles and Myrna Smith, and ASI’s Members and donors.

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