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  • Youth Language Classes

Youth Language Offerings

Due to ongoing concerns for public safety related to the COVID-19 virus, ASI is immediately suspending all programming through at least March 31, with a further suspension of all language classes through (Easter) Sunday, April 12. At this point, depending on developments, ASI is planning to resume classes on Monday, April 13, with the option to extend that date.

We have temporarily closed registration for spring term.

  • If you have already registered for spring term, you should have received an email with further information.
  • If you had not already registered for spring term, keeping checking ASI’s website for updates regarding the status of spring term language classes.

Learn a new language, practice the Swedish you speak at home, maintain a connection to your heritage, or explore a new cultural opportunity. Whatever the reason, you'll find exciting cross-cultural opportunities in ASI's youth language programs. There are offerings for all types of Swedish students, from those interested in culture to those looking for more advanced language instruction. For questions about youth language offerings, please contact Liz Stopka, Language & Cultural Programs Coordinator, at

Svenska Skolan

Svenska Skolan is a Saturday morning language and culture program for students ages 4–13 that offers an opportunity for children to learn Swedish in a fun and interactive environment.

Svenska för tonåringar

Svenska för tonåringar (Swedish for teenagers) is for students ages 13-18 who are serious about learning Swedish. In this course, you will speak, write and read in Swedish.